While The Ponce is licensed as a Skilled Nursing Facility, we are known for our excellent rehabilitation results. This is largely because our goal is to return residents to their home. We have documented rehabilitation results that demonstrate our very high return-to-home rate accomplished for our residents that have come to the Ponce from the hospital to receive therapy. We currently partner with Select Rehabilitation, a National leader in skilled rehabilitation, to provide therapy programs and innovative equipment to maximize therapy outcomes.

At The Ponce, we continually have the opportunity to celebrate the success for our therapy residents, one goal at a time, seven days a week.  The staff of Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapists are highly skilled and have a combined treatment experience of over 80 years offer diverse expertise to meet the diverse needs of the residents we serve.

Did you know each day a person over the age of 65 that is bed-ridden due to hospitalization requires three days of activity to regain the strength lost from being restricted to bed activities? After a spell of illness, it is not uncommon for individuals to feel weak, unsteady and unmotivated.  Our bodies are made to move, so our muscles can atrophy and our endurance can decline quickly when we are not performing the simple activities of daily living. Once a resident begins one of our therapy programs at The Ponce, we can help stop the weakening cycle that has more than likely occurred.  In turn, the patient feels more motivated and more in control.

Every resident has unique needs and goals.  Some residents have orthopedic challenges, and they may need to work on standing, walking and balance.  Others may have cardiac limitations and need to increase their endurance and learn energy conservation techniques.  We also see residents that are recovering from a stroke and working on improving their speech and cognition as well as their physical limitations.  Regardless of what the diagnosis is, each therapy resident is evaluated and then an individualized treatment plan is created, goals are established, and they can then begin to maximize their level of independence in everyday activities.

We are proud of our success and it shows.


Specialized Nursing Services Include: