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Letter from the Owner

Welcome to the special world of The Ponce Therapy Care Center. As the President and sole owner it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to our facility and the proud commitments and scope of services we provide to the residents of St. Augustine and the surrounding community.

First, we have a long history of providing services at The Ponce. In 1984, I completed construction of the facility and it opened in June of that year. I have been the sole owner from the outset and several years ago my daughter joined the management team. My daughter and I are intimately involved with the facility. The Ponce is the only family owned skilled nursing facility in St. Augustine. This is an important point; as everyone knows a business where the owners are involved is a more customer-oriented/excellence driven operation. Since we opened, The Ponce has provided trusted, loving, outcome oriented care to literally thousands of local residents. Although I have been involved in the skilled nursing care facility business since the mid 1970's through management and ownership of many facilities, The Ponce is the only facility I presently own or manage. This has been the case since 1998 and therefore The Ponce is my career and receives all of my management team's attention.

The Ponce is a 120 bed licensed skilled nursing facility. We are certified to accept Medicare and Medicaid patients and accept most insurance paid plans that cover skilled care. Since we are licensed as a skilled nursing facility that means we can accept patients directly from the hospital as an extension to the acute services received prior to admission. Further, The Ponce is known for its excellent results with patients needing therapy. At The Ponce, we employ on the facility payroll full time therapists in all the disciplines (physical, occupational and speech). This allows us to better control the quality of care and has resulted in excellent outcomes. Usually the general public does not know that we have documented proof that over 90% of the patients admitted to The Ponce for short-term therapy stays are returned home, most within 30 to 60 days. Our nursing staff cares for the skilled nursing needs of the patients to make sure 24 hour nursing services are provided as an essential element for them to reach their maximum potential.  The Ponce has worked very hard to earn the distinction of being a therapy care center and it is part of our name.

Our philosophy is that you must give in order to receive. This has allowed us to earn the trust of many. We attract and maintain the best employees (because of our excellent reputation, pay and benefits) and each have been put through a rigorous vetting process before being hired. Further, we staff above state mandated levels. Our investment is not limited to our treasured human resources. Three years ago we completed a one million four hundred thousand dollar facilities and grounds renovation project. Beginning in January, 2011, we will begin another phase of renovations of over one million dollars.

I hope you will take this opportunity to view other sections of our web site to learn more about The Ponce. Also, I want to personally invite you to come and visit the facility so you can witness for yourself the exceptional culture and atmosphere we have to offer.

Thank you,

Dan McLaren, President

Dan McLaren